Painting a Chain Link Fence
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Painting a Chain Link Fence

Of you prime and paint your chain link fence correctly using the right materials it should last for several years before the it needs to be repainted.

A new chain link fence should be left to weather for a year or two to prevent the paint peeling and flaking. Once the fence has weathered it needs to have a coat of proper primer applied, this primer should be designed for use on a metal fence.

For best results use a paint sprayer for both the primer and the paint plus the top coat. If your fence has been painted before you will need to prep it by scraping away old peeled or flaked coats of paint before you start applying the new products.

Painting a chain link fence will need an application of either a latex or alkyd product which has been made to be a stain or paint coating. This goes on a previously painted chain link fence after you have scraped off all the old paint and before you apply a primer.

If you use an alkyd or oil product  you will need to keep an eye on it to touch up runs before they dry on the chain link fence. Latex-based products are easier to clean up and last longer than oil but the disadvantage is it requires more scraping when the paint finally peels sp it is not the best product to use on a chain-link fence.

The best paint for any fence is Elastomeric as it lasts longer than other paints, but it is expensive and needs a larger quantity to cover the whole fence as its coverage is low.

No matter what kind of metal your fence is made from you need to get a proper primer and top coat and a good paint sprayer which you should be familiar with before you use it on the fence. Once the paint is dry use a good top coat to protect it in all weathers.

To stop the paint on a chain link fence peeling you should re-coat it as soon as you see the old paint beginning to fail. If you catch it before it starts to flake there will be no need to scrape off the old paint. Use the primer first, paint it then use the top coat.

If you live in a white house you should avoid painting the fence green as it will not look good, but if you have a wooded garden then black, green or brown looks good.

Chain link fences can look brand new when painted with Benjamin Moore weatherproof aluminium paint 164. It is cheap to use and lasts for several years.

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